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In article activity of Privolzhsky district military-building management during the premilitary period of 1941 the given time in organisation activity is analyzed characterised by revision of volumes and kinds of carried out works. Building of the major objects of rear and defensive value for such customers as the national commissariat of defence, the national commissariat of arms, Management of the state mobilisation reserves became the primary goal of Privolzhsky district military-building management. civil objects, repair work appeared in plans, measures on expansion of own building were taken. new problems have demanded from a management of the organisation of wide introduction and a mechanisation effective utilisation. Work on increase of labour productivity of workers by training of new workers and improvement of professional skill was spent. the basic method of stimulation was the wages increase which size depended on an overall performance that promoted development movements and shock work. importance of the premilitary period is characterised by actions for maintenance of building sites with new engineering specifications which promoted economy of working hours and materials, at preservation of necessary qualitative level of erected objects. the major contribution to development of Privolzhsky district military-building management was brought by the working organisations which have developed hundreds of efficiency proposals, proved in invention and design activity.

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Evgeny gennadevich Bogdanov

Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities

Author for correspondence.

post graduate student

samara state academy of social sciences and Humanities, 443099, russia, samara, Maxim gorky st., 65/67


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